Anyone else suffering from migraines lately? I am sure it’s our crazy weather in the Vegas valley. Wind, rain, snow (yes, we had snow in Vegas.), rain… it’s been nuts. My head has been feeling awful. My body wasn’t far behind.

None of my daily meds, nor vitamins were working on the migraine. The rescue med didn’t cut it either. I think maybe sleep might have helped, but I am not a great sleeper.

Today is the first day my head isn’t throbbing. I wish I could say I am feeling great, but now my ears are screaming. Tinnitus is off the charts right now. I did get up and walk with my husband and the dogs after months of not doing anything.

I am committing to recording my daily step count each day during the month of February. It’s not a competition, just a personal challenge. Yesterday I managed 3609 which was better than the day before and I didn’t leave the house as I wasn’t feeling well. Today I will beat that as I took an actual walk around the block. Join me if you want

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


It’s A New Day

What a difference a day or two makes. My mood has shifted for the better. Maybe it’s because today feels like my birthday, Christmas and New Year’s all rolled into one. We have a new President and Vice President.


Today was day 1 of the 100 day mask challenge. Hopefully now that the President is being a good role model maybe others will pay attention. In reality I only had to put on my mask while I took the photo, because I didn’t go anywhere.

My depression has lifted. I hope it lasts. I could use a reprieve from it and my negative emotions. I wish I could just have normal emotions with normal causes like everyone else. That would be too easy.

Hopefully this lasts.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



Yikes! My mood lately has been awful. I can’t snap myself out of this bad mood. It feels totally unlike me.


I may not be the most positive person, but J definitely don’t feel grumpy all the time. Lately though I have felt angry and there has been no reason for it.

Today was the first day in several that I feel closer to my normal self. At least I am not feeling that overwhelming anger at everything and nothing.

It’s been a strange three or four days. I don’t want to experience that again. I wish I knew why. I guess it’s one of those life’s mysteries. I could blame it on the migraine, but migraine doesn’t do that to me.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


A Perspective on Lockdown

My friend and creator of The Invisibles, Julie White, wrote this piece for our group, and I thought I’d share it here for all of us who are in lockdown and those of us who lived lockdown long before we knew Covid existed. It puts things in perspective.


I always find January a difficult month. The house is devoid of festive decorations and sparkle and the gloomiest of skies seems to have seeped through the windows and enveloped the very soul of the home like Hogwwarts Deatheaters, bringing the greyness in.

I find it amusing to listen to people moaning about having their freedom taken away and placed in lockdown because of Covid. How they are going stir crazy because of the sameness of routine, their lack of social interaction and choices. When pointed out that this is very much the daily occurrence of “an invisible”, they cannot relate or simply choose not to. “Oh it’s not the same.” “Yeah but you’re used to it”, are not sentences we want to hear. Our still active minds have no control over our broken bodies. Eventual freedom from lockdowns or the lifting of curfews, will never benefit us in the same way. We will still continue to fight our daily battles with our health and endure their ignorance and lack of empathy. Their world will return to making choices of where to eat, where to take their vacations, where to shop, where to have fun. Whereas ours will still be planned around hospital appointments and weighing up tasks. “I can either go out today and be exhausted tomorrow or I can take a chance, go out for two days and end up fatigued for the rest of the week”. We plan our trips around medication, pit stops and toilet facilities, firm ground and handrails. There is always a back up plan.

If a regular Joe is moaning about his ability of being spontaneous, how wonderful it would be if he should consider the disability of actually being able to be? After all, his inconvenience is only temporary and as time moves on, those few months of upheaval will just become a memory to recall.

It may be more difficult being an “Invisible” but what we do have is a greater resilience and remarkable inner strength. Even on our most challenging days, we pull through and keep going. Our smallest of achievements are giant leaps forward and our positivity will always see a gleam of blue sky through those grey clouds.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



I had a meeting with Vicki Pettersson to discuss my frustrations with my writing. She helped me figure out that in today’s market of Self Pub… that short stories have a market in e-books.

So, I am going to stop stressing if my stories don’t stretch into 50,000 page books or more. I am going to roll with what I turn out. I am going to make them the best I can, but I am goin to go the e-pub route.

I am much happier with this. And I have been productive.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Good vs Evil

I believe people are basically good. That idea keeps me going. I know there are shades of gray. Not everyone can be angels all the time.


On that not I have seen some truly horrific things happen in my lifetime. Some caused by humans. How can my basic belief that we all have good in us justify the evil I have seen?

Does this mean that some people are inherently evil? How about those who take pleasure in others pain, terror, etc? Are sociopaths and psychopaths evil? Or is a person who knows right from wrong and still chooses to do wrong more evil than those without a moral compass?

Do people change? I believe so. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Our experiences shape us. We can, also, work on ourselves.

I keep seeing posts from both Republicans and Democrats that claim the other side is evil or that their side has been blessed by God. I find this sad. We are all human with the same basic values. Neither side is entirely bad or good. Even though some politicians appear to be devoid of souls, especially when it comes to helping their constituents.

Four years ago my brother told me it was only for eight more years, thank goodness he was wrong. So, I say to people upset that Biden won…It will only be eight more years, more than likely four.

All in all I will continue to believe in the goodness of humanity!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



Yesterday was a day that I never expected to see happen in the US. Americans attacking the Capital building.

How are you all doing today? I am tired. I stayed glued to my screen all day waiting for things to play out. Sadly lives were lost, people were hurt. The election was not overturned, so whatever they were hoping to accomplish didn’t succeed.

Unless they meant to terrorize. They did that. They are now Domestic Terrorist. I believe that many people are going to have many feelings about what happened, so I wanted to see how you all are doing.

How is your anxiety? Is there anything I can do to help? Let me know.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Hearing Loss

I’ll need a test to be sure… though I am having more trouble hearing. Once again my tinnitus got crazy loud followed by complete silence. When it came back a few seconds later, I am sure my hearing was worse.

I wish it was as simple as turning off a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately there could be no noise and my hearing is lousy. Yes, it’s better if it doesn’t have to compete with other noise, but it’s still going.

It sucks, but I have been expecting it for twenty plus years. I have been rather lucky to have had only minimal hearing loss. Right now the dishwasher is running, so I can’t hear the tv, which was too loud before I started it. It’s a no win situation.

Noise hurts my ears and I can’t hear. It’s a contradiction. Hyperacusis is a hearing disorder that makes it hard to deal with everyday sounds. You might also hear it called sound or noise sensitivity. If you have it, certain sounds may seem unbearably loud even though people around you don’t seem to notice them.

Sometimes it’s like I can’t filter out individual noise. Every sound attacks me at the same volume no matter how close it is. Other times I can only pay attention to one thing so if someone tries to talk to me, I may not notice.

With masks, I know I miss a lot of what people are saying. Fortunately I don’t go many places where I need to interact with others.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



The week of Christmas I had vertigo. Little ongoing mini spins. I noticed a pain in the back of my head and wondered if there was a connection.

So, though I know I shouldn’t, I started looking up my symptoms. I got a bunch of “diagnosis “. One though resonated with me.

Occipital Neuralgia is a condition in which the occipital nerves, the nerves that run through the scalp, are injured or inflamed. This causes headaches that feel like severe piercing, throbbing or shock-like pain in the upper neck, back of the head or behind the ears.

I realize that I cannot diagnose myself. I’ll need to talk to my doctors. Probably my primary care physician and my neurologist. Even if this is the reason for my migraines and some of my vertigo, my doctors are already treating it the same. Maybe by focusing on the spine problems I have, we might be able to help alleviate some more of my pain.

And if that isn’t the problem, there is no harm in exploring the possibility.

It’s bad to self-diagnose. If you do look things up don’t get stressed out by all the bad things you find. That is something I learned a long time ago. The more you worry, the worse things get.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Happy New Year

Welcome to 2020. We decided to leave my bubble to follow through on reservations I made back in January or February before Covid.

Ralph and I met friends at The Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada for NYE! The Mizpah is supposed to be haunted by The Red Lady, a prostitute murdered in the hotel on the 5th floor.

Naturally I asked for a haunted room. We got rm. 502 which is supposed to have the most activity. The Red Lady Room, our friends had, also, gets activity. And the 3rd floor hallway gets activity. We didn’t check out that floor.

Though I didn’t feel any paranormal activity, nor did I see any… I did capture an orb on a video I took. Also, my medicine bag fell off the dresser in the morning. It wasn’t like it tipped over as it was lying down.

As for the orb you can watch the video and determine for yourself. It’s possible it could be dust.

I hope I didn’t make a mistake leaving my bubble. There were too many people wandering the hotel without masks. It will be my own fault if I catch Covid.

Happy New Year!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita