Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen Sclerosus/Sclerosis is a rare condition (yes, I have another rare condition.) that causes itchy, thinning white patches of skin or scaly, thickening red areas of skin in the vaginal and anal area. There was a no cure, but it can be managed with treatment. Clobetesol has worked the best for me.

I like comparing this to lycanthropy because it changes you. Perhaps the changes aren’t visible as becoming a werewolf is, but the changes to the areas of the vagina is about the same. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go away when the sun rises. Medication can help though. Some of my damage returned to near normal when I went into remission.

Here are the symptoms as listed by the Mayo Clinic:

  • Redness
  • Itching (pruritus), which can be severe
  • Discomfort or pain
  • Smooth white patches on your skin
  • Blotchy, wrinkled patches
  • Tearing or bleeding
  • In severe cases, bleeding, blistering or ulcerated sores
  • Painful sex

Getting a diagnosis wasn’t fun, but fortunately I had a great general Practitioner who sent me to my gynecologist. A simple biopsy (the biopsy hurt like nothing I had ever experienced and that was with the numbing, or maybe it was the numbing that hurt… it’s difficult to recall after all these years.) determined that I had LS and not cancer.

For the most part I keep it under control with the clobetesol. It’s when I forget to use a maintenance dose that I have a recurrence of symptoms. Others aren’t so lucky.

I think with all my problems I have been lucky to get stretches of normalcy. Or at least I can live on the good days and rest on the bad days.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

It’s Over

I knew it would happen. Nothing lasts forever. Especially when insurance is involved. No more physical therapy. Well, that’s not entirely true… I have to continue with my exercises.

I know I need to keep moving this arm. Arthritis needs movement or else it will stop me from being able to use it as it did for months. I can finally raise my arm again.

I spoke with my doctor. The pinched nerve is slightly serious as it is creating a bulge around it, but it will show up in my right arm, not the left. So maybe the tingling and numbness I get in the right isn’t fibromyalgia as I thought. The neck isn’t as sore now, so maybe we’ve loosened some of the tension.

I am sort of sad that I won’t be going back to therapy unless I take a turn for the worse. I think I’ve need some social interaction more than I thought. Maybe I am just a little more extroverted than introverted, but not so much that being in lockdown has driven me nuts.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


I am still in Physical Therapy. I like going twice a week. It begins with heat and ends with a massage. They make me exercise in between. It’s not easy and I am sore. I can move my arm further than I could before I started going.

I have noticed the weight is coming back around my middle section, so I am trying to find alternatives to get rid of the extra weight.

I have this Simply Fit Balance Board that I am trying to use again. Hopefully, between it, some yoga, the PT and walking, I’ll manage to get enough exercise in to stall any additional weight gain and hopefully get some off. Obviously I won’t be doing all of these exercises on the same day. I just want to be able to move daily.

I eat healthy. I am not great at counting calories. I think my medication is causing the extra weight gain… that and genetics.

So while I am healing, I am trying to find a balance in my exercise regimen. It’s been easier to slack since it got hotter and the dog has been on exercise restrictions. I can’t afford to stop moving… I have too much arthritis in my body… movement is critical!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Sports are Back

Hockey and Baseball are back. This house are Astros and Golden Knights Fans!

Today is an afternoon game. Unfortunately, it’s interfering with General Hospital, which is back as well. I hope everyone stays safe. The VGK play this evening. I hope I can stay awake. 🤣

This heat takes so much out of me. That coupled with early mornings and Physical Therapy, I get worn out early.

Hopefully, life will start to get back to normal. Though I don’t know how long it will take for Vegas to get back to looking more normal. A friend wrote today that she is helplessly watching our city die. No matter how this would have played out, things would have shutdown here, because this town is uniquely dependent on tourism from around the world.

I pray this virus disappears as quickly as it came.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Life’s Back to Normal… Sort of

Ralph’s home. I had to tell the dogs that their dad was home several times before they got the hit on Saturday. I am not sure if they believed me. Or maybe they really don’t understand everything I say! 😂

Ralph FaceTime’d me one last time before he left his cousin’s beach house. He walked her dog daily. I guess she was waiting on him outside his door that last morning.

His plane was early. He was able to watch the games, though I had to flip back and forth as both were on at the same time. The Astros and The Golden Knights won. I made Ralph cook dinner. That’s what he’s telling everyone. He is the chef. 😂

My bed is once again crowded. And the noise is back. I am happy!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Last Day of Vacation

Ralph comes home today. I did nothing I planned. I just enjoyed the serenity. I know that sounds a bit selfish, but sometimes you need a break.

Taken during FaceTime with Ralph.

I don’t mind being alone. And I really wasn’t alone, because my brother and sister-in-law live with us and I have the pets. So, I had someone to converse with if I got lonely. Mostly I just talked to myself, er the pets… LOL!

The view I missed by being afraid to fly.

In less than twelve hours my peace will be gone. My love will be returned. My dogs will be ecstatic. I’ll be able to sleep? Maybe… I never sleep well. It’s a hit a miss for me.

The non-stop noise will be back though. It has been quiet without my husband. I like having some quiet time. Sorry Ralph, but you are loud. The tv, your machine or your snoring… it is never quiet when you’re around. You can remedy the tv volume though. (Wags eyebrows…)

He said it’s been quiet without me. Because I talk… hmm. At least the volume on tv isn’t so loud, nor do I make so much noise when I sleep. I still love you, Sweetie! I know I would miss it if you weren’t here.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Introverts How Are You?

A friend posted, “Is anyone else panicking about things returning to normal?” It’s a good question. I am an introverted extrovert. Being locked down hasn’t bothered me too much.

At Physical Therapy

Well it didn’t until I was too afraid to get on a plane to go on vacation. I have never allowed my anxiety and panic attacks to rule my life until this virus came along. I feel like I did the right thing for me. Or did I just give into my introverted side? That is an answer I may never know.

I like being able to stay in my bubble. Watching movies in the comfort of my home is better than going to a theater. Then why am I excited that they opened up some of them again. Here they’re in casinos which I definitely am not going in yet.

I have gone out to restaurants since reopening. Some I will be back to… others maybe not even when the virus threat is over. I see you now. Mostly we do carry out. I have been spoiled because Ralph has done most of the cooking since he’s not working. I hate cooking and only do it to live.

I have seen a few of my friends since lockdown restrictions have lifted. It is good to see their faces. Others I see on Houseparty or Facebook groups or Zoom. It’s a way of bringing us all together without actually being together.

I like not having to be anywhere. Not having to push myself out of my comfort zone. Social gatherings have always been difficult for me. My head constantly worries if I said or did the wrong thing. Even before going, I worry about what I am wearing. I guess that’s why in lockdown I have been playing dress up. I am starting to feel better about myself in that area. Hopefully I won’t stress beforehand as much when social gatherings start again.

So to answer my question. I am happier in lockdown. Are you? I don’t know if I am ready for things to return to normal. I do miss traveling, camping and talking to strangers. Isn’t it strange that I have less anxiety about what strangers think than people I know?

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

I Have Been Spoiled

With Ralph permanently laid off since March I have been spoiled. He’s been doing the majority of cooking. With him on vacation I have to cook for myself. With food allergies my options are limited in prepared meals.

It pays to be able to read a recipe. And the meals have been yummy. I’ll freeze the rest of the pork, but will have some for lunch and dinner today. I love leftovers!

Thursday I am going out to eat with my brother & sister-in-law to pay them for taking me to my PT this week. We may just order and take it home. My next EveryPlate meals should arrive Thursday, so I won’t have to figure out what’s for dinner on Friday and Saturday. Ralph returns Saturday so my chef will be back.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Ralph found critters

Ralph finally found critters. He still hasn’t seen turtles yet.

He has been getting up to see the sunrise, but is a bit frustrated because of the clouds. I told him it’s prettier with clouds, perhaps though you just need to wait longer.

Anyway, that is day 2 at Anastasia Island. I watched movies and sports. My NASCAR driver, Kevin Harvick, won! The Astros lost. 😢 The Golden Knights won on Saturday!

Speaking of the Golden Knights… I was horrified to find this little guy on the floor with Chewy innocently looking at me with his on it. I don’t know how he got my “Panda” from its perch on my stack of books on the nightstand without toppling the pile. Panda was just a little wet and didn’t seem to suffer the “wrath of Chewy.”

Love, Peace and Light! Rita