Tik Tok

I have been doing Tik Tok with my cats. Did you know cats can do yoga? 😂

When Blaze was missing we adopted Peaches a gray tabby cat. It was the best gift for Blaze when she returned. Yes, it took her a bit to re-acclimate after being gone for a month. She wasn’t happy at first about her new baby sister, but now they play. Blaze was always trying to get Renegade to play, but Renegade did want to be bothered.

Peaches is a peacemaker. Not only has she won Blaze over, but Renegade tolerates both of her sisters now. I think because she’s not forced to play with her younger siblings.

I happened to get the youngsters playing on video and posted it to Tik Tok. Because doesn’t everyone love a cat video.

Watching my cats and dogs play is one of my greatest joys. Just petting them calms me. I personally think that having cats is the best thing.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


A Visit to Ohio

It was high time for me to return to Chillicothe. I hadn’t visited my dad, sister and niece and nephews for a few years. We packed a lot into this visit. Beginning with a beautiful sunset all the way to town.

I saw my dad. He’s doing okaying. He cannot sit in a wheelchair without falling, so he has goals to meet if he wants to get out of the nursing home.

A trip through Yoctangee Park and downtown Chillicothe with my beautiful niece. We made a few stops along the way while waiting on my sister to join us. Dinner with my niece and one of my nephews all in one day.

A day trip to Point Pleasant, West Virginia brought us over the two rivers to the Mothman Museum with my nephew. A sunset escorted us back to Chillicothe.

Dinner with my nephew at Los Mariachis. The food was delicious. That was day two. With visits everyday to see my dad. The first day he was snoozing though.

Yesterday was a bit more laid back. Beginning with lunch with an online friend and her husband. Once again we found ourselves in the downtown area. We shopped and ran into my nephew once again quite by accident. He treated us to some Boba from High Five Cakes. He left for church with some goodies in hand.

While we were enjoying our teas, my sister joined us. Once again we were treated this time with cupcakes for Ralph and macarons for me. It’s difficult finding sweet treats with wheat and dairy allergies. Since the macaron is made with almond flour, I couldn’t resist. They were sinfully delicious. Soft and moist in delicious flavors. Apparently the cupcakes were the same.

We hit some more shops and may have picked up a few Christmas gifts. We headed back to our hotel room to play cards. Dinner with my sister before we called it a night.

This morning we’ll meet for breakfast, visit my dad and head to Columbus to catch our flight home. I know there will be hell to pay since I pushed myself these few days, but I am prepared to be in bed for a day or two.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Allergies or Covid?

My allergies have been acting up. Since I attended a conference with over 1000 people, some of whom reported the same symptoms as me and tested positive for Covid, I got tested.

I am vaccinated. I had my Moderna booster a few weeks ago. I hope it’ll keep me safe so that I can continue to enjoy activities like the writers conference. But I still got tested, because I know that there are breakthrough cases.

Let me tell you that sticking a Q-tip up my nose wasn’t my idea of fun. I did it, because the holidays are coming up and I didn’t want to take chances with other peoples health.

I did the test on Sunday about 11:10 am. My results came back around 2 am. And a drum roll please…. I don’t have Covid. The test was negative.

I am just having allergies to something in the air. It gets worse at night. I should have known that it was my seasonal stuff and I think I did… But I needed to make sure.

Have you had to take a Covid test yet?

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



Despite my lack of sleep last night, I feel much better today. I can once again feel my toes & legs without pain. My upper body is still a bit sore.

It just takes time after I do something fun. No matter how much I rest before, I know that there will be downtime. Fortunately, except writing there’s nothing too pressing.

By the way the girls are getting along. I call Peaches the peacemaker. She doesn’t think anyone should be mean to her. She insists on lots of love.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



The conference was awesome, full of energy and I am exhausted. But do you know what? I’d do it all over again. I may be sore, limping and bone-tired and I may be unable to get out of bed tomorrow, but I won’t regret doing this.

I have so many ideas filling my head and I believe that I will be able to publish something in the near future. My children’s book, Mikey’s Tail is my only work published so far. I haven’t been satisfied with the adult works yet.

Left to Right: Vicki Petterson, L.E. Harrison, me, and Ange Campisi. (The House of Ink)

I got to meet up with friends from The House of Ink, which made this experience better. The House of Ink was an investment in myself and has helped me hone my skills. This month marks our 3rd round of co-writing preceded by modules created by Vicki.

All these opportunities to meet with creative people who share their expertise. it’s worth it.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Busy and Loving it.

This week is the 20BooksVegas Conference. I am so excited to be at a conference again, I barely slept. Usually that would trigger my Meniere’s or Fibromyalgia, but I have been here all day and am okay.

Right now I am waiting for the next conference to begin. It’s been delayed slightly. I met friends from my writing group House of Ink that I only met online previously. It’s like we’ve known each other for awhile.

Photo by Ange… Ange, Lisa and me.

Right now (I almost wrote write.) I am waiting for my next session.

If you want to read Lisa’s book. I’ll let you all know when Ange and I publish.

Blackbird is an awesome story.

After the conference today, my hubby and I are going to the Vegas Golden Knights vs the Kraken.


Getting Back to Normal

Now that Blaze is back from her walk-about, I am getting a bit more sleep.

More sleep means less sore. I still feel a bit wonky. What do I mean when I say wonky? My head is full and things seem to move a bit most of the time. That is fairly normal for me,

The new kitten has made friends with Blaze. I knew she would. She even rescued her from the closet by letting me know Blaze was in their.

We love having Peaches because she is loving and sweet. Blaze is once again my yoga partner and writing muse.

Oh, I haven’t any news on my PET/CT scan. That same day I got my third covid booster shot and a flue shot. My arm was just a tad sore. I think, because I have it done on the arm that has arthritis.

I have been busy. Hubby’s birthday, VGK game with friends and co-writing with the House of Ink. Next week I will be attending a writer’s conference. Still trying to win NaNoWriMo, but not worried if I don’t hit 50,000 words.

Oh and tomorrow is Diva Drag Queen Bingo which raises money for charities. That is always fun.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



Thursday is my PET SCAN for the spot in my lower left lobe. I hope it’s just scar tissue from the times I had walking pneumonia. My doctor is being cautious because it’s slightly bigger than he would like.

The ER found it when I went in because a piece of meat was stuck in my hiatal hernia and I couldn’t get any liquid down. That was scary. I was afraid to sleep because I didn’t want to choke on my own spit. Fortunately between the morphine, the anti-nausea medication and time I was fine.

So, now we are making sure the spot isn’t cancerous. Eventually I need to get the hernia fixed, because I still have trouble with it.

After my PET SCAN, I scheduled my booster. It seems COVID is coming closer within my bubble and I will do whatever I need to so that I remain breathing. Not breathing is my biggest fear. Having asthma and having had pneumonia I know what it feels like and it’s not pleasant.

Tomorrow, I get my hair done. Then I will be joining in on a webinar on writing. To top it off I’ll be getting my hair colored and cut. Later that night is Diva Drag Queen Bingo with friends.

Hopefully, my cat is caught early tonight so I can finally sleep. Oh, did I mention Blaze has been coming to our garage to eat the food I put out for her. We have a trap set up. So far she’s not going in.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Uh Oh

I scared my poor girl when I tried to shut the garage door. Thanks to the motion sensors she didn’t get squished.

I hope I didn’t scare her away permanently. This was the first time all night that I woke when the camera alerted me. I slept through the rest. (I was that tired from being up all night the night before.)

I am missing her so much. I hoped this would work. I moved the food further into the garage in case she does come back. I think we’re going to need a trap.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita