Happy Labor Day

I used to get Memorial Day and Labor Day confused. Somehow, I think I finally have them straight in my head. It only took 56 years.

Today we celebrate American workers. It also marks the official end of summer. It is a creation of the labor movement. We can thank Peter J. McGuire, a carpenter and labor union leader. He thought American workers should be honored with their own day in 1882. Congress made it a national holiday in 1894.

Today, we honor those who work. Thank you! This year it seems especially meaningful as so many are still without employment. Yet we have essential workers who kept going in the midst of this pandemic. Facing a virus that could kill them. This year I salute you.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Age is Just a Number

As a 56 year old women, it bugs me when I hear other say they can’t wear something because they’re too old. Personally I think the only reason you shouldn’t wear something is because it doesn’t look good.

I still wear shorts, though I hear women say all the time that they’re too old for shorts. It’s too hot & windy in Vegas not to wear them. Otherwise dresses would do.

Also, you get to a certain age where you get to be eccentric. I am getting there in my style. Though my style tends to be classic occasionally I like Bohemian. And that’s okay, because I am a writer and I am allowed to be a little quirky sometimes. Hence the floppy hat.

I also love bright colors like yellow and orange. Fortunately I wear fall colors well.

Unfortunately my weight yo-yo’s. I don’t know why this is, but I need to watch it. My bottom line is wear what you want, do be concerned about your age. If it looks good go for it. If you like it, go for it. Don’t worry about others opinions. Your happiness and comfort is what matters.

I wear comfortable shoes. I no longer torture my feet in the name of fashion. Having osteoarthritis in my feet I try not to aggravate it.

Even in quarantine I discovered joggers as an alternative to sweats and leggings. They seemed a little more fashionable when walking.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



I know I am luckier than most people who have my diagnoses. I have good days. Sure I have had lots of bad days when I thought I was going to die. You know what? I didn’t! And now I have more good days than bad ones.

That is not to say I am the carefree girl I was pre chronic illness. I still need to be careful not to overdo things. Otherwise I will pay big time. It took me a few days to get back to my normal after a day trip to Death Valley this past weekend. Now I am just in my normal amount of pain and not excruciating pain. Fatigue is normal once again. I didn’t fall asleep at 6 pm.

Maybe I just refuse to give in to the daily pain. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in various areas not to mention that pinched nerve in my neck that caused so much trouble. I know if I give in, I will be doing myself a disservice. I found out it was a mistake not to use my left arm. It took two months of therapy to be able to almost raise it again. I continue to be able to move it more everyday though not without pain.

That old term “Move it or lose it…” has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

I will keep living as long as I can. I know that I am luckier than most. I thank God for his Grace. No, I don’t question, “Why me?” I know that if I didn’t have these problems, I wouldn’t be able to inspire others. I wouldn’t be me.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

September is Suicide Awareness Month

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

This month is Suicide Awareness Month. Suicide is still too frequent. How do we stop it? Though we may not be able to prevent all suicides, we may be able to stop many just by doing a few simple things.

  • Ask – ask how they’re doing. Just knowing you care helps.
  • Be there- this goes along with the first one. If someone is struggling knowing you are there for them helps them to not feel alone.
  • Check up on them. This will reinforce that they are not alone.

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline has other things you can do as well, but these are what I suggest if you feel a family member or friend is suicidal. When all this fails get professional help. Don’t worry if your friend or family member will be angry (they may be), but your goal is to keep them safe. And anger is better than overwhelming sadness.

1–800-273-8255 is the Suicide hotline you can call in the US. Here is a list of international hotlines.

You have survived every obstacle and are strong enough to survive this one too. You are an essential part of my life whether I have met you or not. By being here reading this I need you. I am blessed to have you in my life!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Brain Fog?

I am not sure who was at fault… my calendar said that I had a Neurologist appointment today so I showed up at 7 am.

Did I have a brain fog moment when I wrote down the appointment time or did they change it on me and fail to tell me? It’s not until the end of the month now.

So, I had to wait for Ralph to come back to get me so I took the opportunity to snap a photo for Think Pink Day to support breast cancer awareness. My friend created this to honor friends and family on the first day of every month.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Death Valley

Saturday Ralph, Colleen and I took a day trip to Death Valley. We left Vegas at 6 am which got us to the sign at 8 am and still in the high 70’s.

It’s quite the experience… I think you must love the desert to enjoy this trip. Fortunately, the desert is my happy place. Well, one of them.

The are some interesting features… the lowest place on earth. Being below sea level. And the hottest place on earth, fortunately, not while we were there.

Here is the video I took for the Ralph and Rita Show. I managed to catch some of the highlights in 20 minutes from an all day trip.

We ended our trip In Pahrump at the Sanders Family Winery. We had a free wine tasting and I bought 3 bottles of the Burgundy. It was my absolute favorite, though all but 1 were good. Then we headed home. I was exhausted. I still am and it’s Monday.

Payback for fun is what I talk about when you have a chronic illness. I couldn’t even stay in bed yesterday, because I had scheduled church. It’s a strange new world when you have to schedule church. And then dinner at the in-laws. I could have went swimming which would have helped the muscles, but my eyes were sensitive to light… so I opted to stay inside and talk to my mother-in-law. I didn’t give any explanation.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita




Do we want the same thing?

Something true doesn’t quite ring…

Scream, rant and shout,

fists, stabs and bullets wound!

Where is our unity?

Where is our decency?

Where is our kindness?

Why aren’t we united?

My heart cries out for the love I thought was there.

You laugh at my ideals 

I cry for yours

Where have we gone wrong? 

Can we get back what we once had?

Can we treat everyone as equals or is this what’s causing the division?

You are no better than me and I am no better than you…

None of us are better than our neighbor no matter his/her/their sexual orientation, race, religion, sex or beliefs.

We are all human! Can we start acting like it?

Did our forefathers die so we could tear ourselves apart?

-Rita L Smith

August 27, 2020

Sometimes I write bad poetry when I need to express my feelings. I wrote this on Thursday morning. I posted in on my other website, Rita L Smith.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Something in the Works

I am being cryptic. I have something in the works and if all goes well, I’ll share with you all soon. It’s something that has been talked about for over a month or so, so I don’t want to jinx it. It may not happen at all. If it does you will certainly hear about it. If not, you’ll have this cryptic post. LOL!

Chewy and Holly

BTW- Happy National Dog Day!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Let’s Create a Fun Meme

I keep seeing memes about what people are getting for Christmas… it always gives someone something unattainable or mean…

You’re Birth Month is what you’re getting for Christmas…

  • January- Peace
  • February- Love
  • March- Happiness
  • April- Energy
  • May- Ambition
  • June- Clarity
  • July- Commitment
  • August- Confidence
  • September- Goals
  • October- Fulfillment
  • November- Passion
  • December- Fulfillment

There I like those.

Here’s the meme I created in case anyone wants to use it.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



Though we haven’t had any fires in Vegas our air quality has sucked lately. Smoke from fires in California have blocked the view of our mountains. Sorry I didn’t take any photos. I haven’t spent much time outside other than going to and from appointments.

Finally, today the weather app states the air quality is good. Maybe I’ll be able to breathe again. I did a breathing treatment to try to help clear the passageway.

Here’s a picture of Blaze!

Having asthma when the air quality is poor is difficult… wearing a mask makes is slightly harder. When asked the other day, when I went to get my yearly mammogram, if I coughed… my answer was, “I have asthma and there is smoke in the air.”

Ralph thinks I am nuts for telling the truth… but first of all I don’t lie. Second of all, what would happen if I coughed while waiting if I lied? So, why bother to lie about something that could easily be brought to light?

I would never put someone else at risk. Asthma is part of me. So yes I do cough. And it happens to be a symptom of this stupid virus, but I don’t have the other symptoms.

  • I haven’t traveled. (Except to check on family.)
  • I stay mostly in my bubble.
  • I wash my hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.
  • I wear a mask when people are nearby.
  • I haven’t been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 to my knowledge.

I quarantined before we were mandated. I am expanding my bubble a bit by eating out. Meeting a few friends and family who were part of my circle prior to lockdown.

My cough is normal for me when there is smoke. I have asthma and I cough.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita