That Feeling in my head.

Having Meniere’s Disease I have different stages of symptoms. They don’t hit in any order for me. 1. Off balance- most days 2. Tipsy- aside from a drunk feeling sometimes, I tip frequently. 3. Mini Spins- these are frequent and annoying, but not necessarily debilitating. 4. Full blown vertigo attack- non-stop vertigo that lasts forContinue reading “That Feeling in my head.”

Learning to Live in a Pandemic

Last year everything in Las Vegas shut down. Well, almost everything. Grocery stores and hospitals remained open. The strip looked like a ghost town. Things started to return to a semblance of normal. This normal had some caveats like wearing masks in public places. Most times I don’t have a problem with my masks, occasionallyContinue reading “Learning to Live in a Pandemic”