I’m Still Standing BAW

I’m still standing… most days! LOL! Great song… I love Elton John. Even when things happen out of my control, it’s important to remember that I am strong enough to survive it. Indeed I will still be standing or surviving. Another good song is I Will Survive. These songs are talking about people leaving you,Continue reading “I’m Still Standing BAW”

Balance Awareness Week

Until I started having vertigo 20+ years ago, I never considered that one day my balance would be all over the place. When I was diagnosed with Ménière’s, I read that the end results were going deaf and having no balance. Fortunately, the time table is different for everyone. I was frightened, but still itContinue reading “Balance Awareness Week”

Accept What You Cannot Change

This is the best advice I have ever gotten. It’s not that I don’t react to things, but I am trying really hard to let go of that pat of myself. Remember my mantra is the Serenity Prayer. Meditation when done daily helps so much with my anxiety, anger, insecurity and to some extent depression.Continue reading “Accept What You Cannot Change”