Allergies or Covid?

My allergies have been acting up. Since I attended a conference with over 1000 people, some of whom reported the same symptoms as me and tested positive for Covid, I got tested.

I am vaccinated. I had my Moderna booster a few weeks ago. I hope it’ll keep me safe so that I can continue to enjoy activities like the writers conference. But I still got tested, because I know that there are breakthrough cases.

Let me tell you that sticking a Q-tip up my nose wasn’t my idea of fun. I did it, because the holidays are coming up and I didn’t want to take chances with other peoples health.

I did the test on Sunday about 11:10 am. My results came back around 2 am. And a drum roll please…. I don’t have Covid. The test was negative.

I am just having allergies to something in the air. It gets worse at night. I should have known that it was my seasonal stuff and I think I did… But I needed to make sure.

Have you had to take a Covid test yet?

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Published by My Crazy Life

My husband, Ralph, and I are on an amazing adventure together. We’d like to share our life with you. We are determined to enjoy our life despite my health issues. I have Ménière’s Disease, migraines, asthma, Fibromyalgia, Lichen Sclerosis and osteoarthritis. My goal is to help others see they too can lead a wonderful life.

One thought on “Allergies or Covid?

  1. I’m glad you don’t have it! But it’s certainly a worry now if you feel a little more “off” than usual, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry and get tested. Hope you had an awesome time at the conference! xx


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