Name Calling

There is a nasty trend on social media and in real life lately… people freely give others labels. I have found myself doing it too. Oh, you’re a Republican. LOL! As if that’s a dirty word.

Being a member of a political party isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a philosophy. Hopefully, we are able to still make decisions outside of our political affiliations. I have in the past. Not this year.

My entire adult life I have been sneered at for being a liberal. I don’t see being a liberal as a bad thing as I believe in basic human rights, that we all are equal and that we all deserve respect. I just ignored the ignorant statement that people (my father) made, knowing that liberals care about others.

That is not to say non-liberals don’t, but my experience is that liberals do. Much of my efforts have been engaged in defense of others against non-liberals. Still I don’t resort to name calling.

It saddens me when others sink to the level of name calling because they cannot defend their position. That includes calling me a liberal. Remember I am not offended by this, but they say it like it’s a dirty word.

Somewhere along the line we’ve forgotten to respect each other. I am going to try to do better. I am not always successful, though I should be. Especially when it comes to politics as I am a liberal surrounded by conservatives in my own family,

Be Kind. Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Published by My Crazy Life

My husband, Ralph, and I are on an amazing adventure together. We’d like to share our life with you. We are determined to enjoy our life despite my health issues. I have Ménière’s Disease, migraines, asthma, Fibromyalgia, Lichen Sclerosis and osteoarthritis. My goal is to help others see they too can lead a wonderful life.

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