Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. But when stress lasts for a long time, it may harm your health.

I think most of us are feeling some stress now. How could we not? There is a virus, the country is starting to reopen, but nothing is normal. Many people are still not working. There is social injustice rallies going on. It’s getting hard to voice your own opinion without people jumping all over you. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on… someone is bound to get angry with you. It stressful!

I have been trying to not watch the news as it stresses me out. That’s not to say I am not aware of what’s going on. I will stick to my basic philosophy and continue to treat everyone as human. If I see injustice I will speak up and try to stop it as I have in the past. I am not silent. I will never be silent. It’s why I became a social worker many years ago.

Still I have been stressed. It’s affecting me. I know it has to be affecting others. What are you doing to alleviate the stress?

I am still walking daily. And I am writing, though I had been avoiding as I am in the rewriting stage. So I am making myself do it. I just bought some paints so that is on the agenda. And lots of binge watching…

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Published by My Crazy Life

My husband, Ralph, and I are on an amazing adventure together. We’d like to share our life with you. We are determined to enjoy our life despite my health issues. I have Ménière’s Disease, migraines, asthma, Fibromyalgia, Lichen Sclerosis and osteoarthritis. My goal is to help others see they too can lead a wonderful life.

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