Being Away During Lockdown

It’s certainly interesting being away from home during this time. Things are beginning to reopen.

I went into a grocery store for the first time in many months yesterday. Things have changed. Even California doesn’t want you to bring your own bags into the store. I guess it prevents risk of infection.

Our routine is off. We haven’t walked at all since we’ve been in Sacramento. My body is not liking this inactivity.

I miss the dogs and cats. Even when the old white cat wakes me up to be fed in the middle of the night. I wish they could travel with us, but it would be a pain, especially the cats. I know because we traveled across country with the two older cats and my old Keeshond, Danny. I miss that boy. He was such a sweetheart and clown.

I love traveling, but these are strange times and my allergies are ramping up here in Sacramento. It’s not fun having a cough when the world is afraid of a virus.

I guess malls and restaurants are open here, as they are in Vegas. I am not sure if the indoor ones are open… I know only outdoor ones in Vegas have reopened. It’s a scary thing for me, though I did go with Ralph to meet a friend for dinner before we left Vegas. I am not sure I want to repeat the process. We’ll see.

What are your thoughts?

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Published by My Crazy Life

My husband, Ralph, and I are on an amazing adventure together. We’d like to share our life with you. We are determined to enjoy our life despite my health issues. I have Ménière’s Disease, migraines, asthma, Fibromyalgia, Lichen Sclerosis and osteoarthritis. My goal is to help others see they too can lead a wonderful life.

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