Sorry Las Vegas is Closed

Tuesday evening, Nevada’s Governor shut down all non-essential businesses. Las Vegas came grinding to a halt. Images of hotels and casinos shuttering their windows and doors were surreal. I think this is the first time in history that they didn’t remain open.

Can you imagine this bar at The D empty & dark. The hotels had until Friday to relocate their guests. I’m sure the guests will be ready to return home since there is no gambling, no shows and no dine in restaurants.

Hopefully, by this time next month all this will be a distant memory and things will return to normal. In the meantime, Ralph and I are hunkering down at home, though we do walk the dogs daily. I think exercise and fresh air is essential to keep the panic at bay. We are still on the hunt for toilet paper and food. Well, Ralph is as he is worried about me contracting the virus. I order as much online as I can, but less is arriving than I order.

Ralph and I took a drive down Las Vegas Blvd on Sunday afternoon. I think everyone had the same idea as there was a bunch of traffic and even a few pedestrians. If you want to see what the Strip looks like closed down, I made a Ralph and Rita Show YouTube video. I had the window open to not mar my video, unfortunately there is wind noise. Feel free to turn down the volume.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

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