What to Do?

I keep hearing this over and over. Apparently people didn’t read my post on social isolation.

1. Talk to your family! (Face to face if you live with them, phone, FaceTime)

2. Take a walk. Unless you are quarantined, you can take a walk. Just avoid other people. I believe fresh air and exercise is essential to our well being.

On our walk we stopped in the empty dog park to let Chewy & Holly Run!

3. Exercise daily. There are many great exercise videos on YouTube that you can follow at home. Again exercise is important for our health. I have been slacking a bit because of my arm, shoulder neck pain.

4. While you’re home take time to do those projects you’ve been meaning to do. i.e. Clean out the garage, closet, whatever.

5. Get out those craft projects that you’ve been stockpiling in your closet. Now is a good time to work on them. Or buy some supplies to do something you’ve wanted to try.

6. There is always social media. Many artists are live streaming concerts and art classes during this pandemic for free. Offering coloring pages to print.

7. Binge watch movies, shows… some movie channels have been free on weekends. Also, you can go to the movies from your tv right now for about $6.00.

8. Read- this is my favorite thing to do. I am in a couple of Facebook book clubs. I always wanted to be in a book club, but never joined a physical one. Now since I don’t drive, this is much better.

Home Chef Meal #2

Have you been playing your own edition of “Chopped” each time you go to the grocery store? Or have you ordered meals from Home Chef like me? By the way I remembered why dairy is bad for me. I will be excluding it from my dinner in the future.

I am sure there is much more you can do while you’re in self isolation. Let me know what you’ve been doing.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


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