Coming to Terms with Yesterday’s News

Hi it’s me again. I know I said I was going to start posting on Mondays, but the ideas are flowing again… So here you go.

After sleeping on the news that my doctor is going to report my drop attacks to the DMV, I am coming to terms with it. Sort of.

I haven’t been driving for months, because I felt it was too dangerous. First due to daily dizziness from the migraines.

Then due to the mini spins (short benign vertigo attacks-usually only a rotation.).

Then I began having a longer more forceful short vertigo attack without warning…

All this made me stop driving on my own. I don’t get warnings for my attacks or if I do they were probably mixed up in with my migraine symptoms.

Then I started having my drop attacks. It seemed these came in clusters… 4 in 2 weeks. Then nothing. The slam kind where it feels like someone shoved me backwards forcefully. I have been fortunate to only have fallen once during these as a wall is usually there to catch me.

Right before Christmas I experienced the other type of drop attack… I had just put a vacuum cleaner bag in the vacuum and I fell down… kind of off to the left thankfully or else I would have hit the vacuum. I kind of laid there for a second with the dogs licking me and my iWatch beeping until I could respond…

So, I haven’t been driving. It is sad to lose my driver’s license, but I understand the reasoning behind it. There are people out there who would endanger others and themselves.

On good days when I was miraculously symptom free I wouldn’t go further than a few blocks from home, but that’s been awhile. It’s time to take that decision away from me. Though I have went into remission for six years before and it is possible to do so again, we’ll just cross that bridge when we get there.

I am fortunate to live in a city with Uber and Lyft. I wish the bus service was closer to my house, but I will work things out. Right now, I am not venturing far from home on my own due to fear of a drop attack. Notice I am not worried about having a full blown vertigo attack while out… I have only had those upon awakening and I hope it continues that way. Perhaps that is why I don’t recognize the symptoms of an attack before it starts.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Published by My Crazy Life

My husband, Ralph, and I are on an amazing adventure together. We’d like to share our life with you. We are determined to enjoy our life despite my health issues. I have Ménière’s Disease, migraines, asthma, Fibromyalgia, Lichen Sclerosis and osteoarthritis. My goal is to help others see they too can lead a wonderful life.

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