Toxic People

This is a touchy subject in my family. Not my immediate family, but my extended family. There is one person that I am having difficulty dealing with. She is like saccharine to my face, but behind my back she undermines me at every opportunity.

I am not worried if she reads this. I doubt she’d see herself in it anyway. I know I am not totally innocent, because when I am pushed I push back.

I never claimed to be nice. Sometimes I do forget doing things. I have an excuse, between depression and brain fog and perhaps even my medications my memory is shot.

I can’t always remember if I’ve just taken my medication when I am holding the bottle in my hand. But I will own up to things as my memory returns. Sometimes even if it hasn’t if it rings true.

I don’t lie on purpose. In fact I am a terrible liar. This person is good at it. She upsets others over stupid stuff. Like a gluten-free recipe. Now, we’ll see if the family reads my blog.

Why would you get upset over someone suggesting a recipe everyone can eat? If you are as caring and loving as you pretend to be you would try it. You would not make jokes about adding a tablespoon of flour to a recipe. This is serious stuff.

Where is your compassion? You like people to think you have it, shouldn’t you pretend to have it?

So how do I deal with it? Apparently, direct confrontation gets my phone number blocked, disagreement gets me unfriended on Facebook. Should I confront her in front of everyone? Perhaps my husband should weigh in here.

I would cut her out of my life if I could. She is not vital to my existence. Except that family connection. What would you do?

This is not conducive to my healing and peace of mind. Especially, hearing about the fallout first thing in the morning, so my racing thoughts can play it over and over.

Love. Peace and Light!


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