A couple of years ago my family doctor put me on Celebrex in the hopes it would help my osteoarthritis. Things got worse. I figured I was in a flare.


Brand name: Celebrex

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug

It can treat pain.

My gastroenterologist told me to stop taking the Celebrex as I am having issues in my stomach and esophagus. I did as asked.

About a week in I noticed that my fingers didn’t hurt as much. At this point I didn’t get the correlation. I looked up lesser known side-effects. Joint or muscle pain or stiffness, inflammation, muscle pain increased, muscle stiffness are just a few things I experienced on it.

The best medication I ever had for my arthritis was Vioxx, but sadly it’s side effects for others was death.

I am not going back on Celebrex. I’ll probably stick to Tylenol. I am not saying if you are on or going on that you will have these problems, I am just telling you my experience. It helps more people than it harms.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



I absolutely hate fatigue. Especially if I haven’t done anything to cause it. Many people don’t understand fatigue, they think being tired is fatigue. Fatigue is feeling overtired, with low energy and a strong desire to sleep that interferes with normal daily activities.

I have been nursing my knee, so I haven’t done much at all. I went to a paint class last night, but sat on my butt most of the time.

Welcome home family!

Today my knee hurts badly when I thought it was getting better. So elevating and icing the knee has been beneficial since I could also sleep. I’ve spent most of the day sleeping or reading.

And I am still tired. I wish there was something I could take to stop fatigue, but if it’s out there my doctor hasn’t suggested it.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Surprises aren’t always good.

Have you ever popped your knee out? I think that’s what I did. Last Monday I had just climbed the stairs and was halfway to my bedroom when I felt excruciating pain in my knee. Somehow I managed to hop to my bed. My right leg wouldn’t support me at all.

Surrounded by my pups with demon dog on top of bad leg.

I called my husband, asked him to bring my cane because I couldn’t walk. I needed to get ready for bed. He was upstairs quickly.

I tried the cane using my right hand, where I usually carry it to keep me balanced. That didn’t work at all. When I tried the left side I could hobble to do what I needed. Sleep was difficult because the pain wouldn’t let up.

I learned something new. Use the good side.

Tuesday I made it downstairs and made an ice pack. I sat in my recliner with a pillow under my leg to elevate it and the ice pack on top. This brought the pain level to manageable.

I rested it all week with ice packs when it throbbed. Yesterday, I went to church and then to the in-laws. My knee wasn’t happy. I used an ice pack and was able to fall asleep.

Today shall be interesting as we are going to Battle for Vegas, a charity softball game, put on by Reilly Smith. The Vegas Golden Knights face off against the Las Vegas Raiders. We had a blast last year. I know it will be fun again. I just hope my knee will forgive me.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



You can’t tell, but I am in a flare. Fibro, osteoarthritis and Meniere’s. My body aches,balance is off and my knee is so sore walking is difficult.

Why did I go to this meet and greet/signing on Sunday? Because I want to support my Vegas Golden Knights and any charity that they support. In this case it was for the Firefighters Association.

I met people and enjoyed myself while I waited to get inside. Danil Miromanov is a sweetheart.

On Independence Day we went tv shopping. I made it though I was exhausted. Even managed to carry an old tv downstairs. Man that thing was heavy. And being in a fibro flare my muscles are nonexistent. The new tv is set up in the living room and the old downstairs tv is upstairs. Despite the those two being bigger they were much lighter than our previous bedroom tv.

While in a zoom meeting with friends from around the country fireworks began. Mind you our meeting is from 5 pm- 6 pm. The fireworks stopped around 2:30 am. At least my street wasn’t a total war zone this year. I could look out the window to see the unauthorized fireworks in the neighborhood though.

My friends invited me to see David Copperfield. I love magicians. I saw David many years ago in Athens, Ohio while I was in college.

He puts on a great show. He didn’t disappoint last night. Pictures and video aren’t allowed. Despite looking at how the tricks worked, I couldn’t figure them out. Maybe the one where he predicted what would happen. Maybe?

I slept well last night. That’s unusual for me. Sleep and I parted ways many moons ago. My cats woke me up to eat this morning. Despite my sleep I am exhausted. Fatigue is one of the fibro symptoms that makes things difficult for most. Fortunately, I can rest today.

There is always a price for having fun. Since I want to enjoy life, I gladly pay the price. Rest on the bad days and so-so days, but live on the good days and sometimes the so-so days too. Learn your limitations, but don’t deny yourself a life of fun.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita



My cicadas ramped up their volume yesterday as my ears became full. Today a clicking sound has joined them. It seems to me I have heard the clicks in nature. I wish I could say that all my tinnitus sounds were from nature, but the truth is I get other sounds from time to time.

Often when I do these posts I look things up so I can share with you. Today I found this:

4 signs you have tinnitus:

  1. There’s a constant ringing in your ears. A major symptom of tinnitus is this persistent ringing sound in your ears. …
  2. You hear music when none is being played. …
  3. You feel a thumping sound in your ears. …
  4. Your hearing has changed.

For years before the cicadas began singing in my ears, I heard music and talking when there was no one around. The music would have been okay if it wasn’t stuck on the same refrain like a scratched record.

My tinnitus changes usually signal an increase in Meniere’s symptoms. Although I have vertigo it’s not the kind that keeps me bedridden. I fear it’s signaling another hearing loss.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Mikey’s Tail

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before. I am an Indy Published Author. For now it’s just my children’s book, Mikey’s Tail, that is available. Hopefully, that will change soon with my horror novel.

Mikey’s Tail is free on Kindle Unlimited or $10.00 for a paperback. Mikey really wants a tail of his own, like on foxes, bears and even a bee. What kind of tail will Mikey get? Read to the tail end of his tale to see.

If you’re child loves to hear you read or is learning to read this book is for you. It keeps children interested throughout the story and even has a surprise ending. My illustrator surprised me. I really didn’t see that coming. You can find out more about me at https://ritalsmith.com/.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Saying Goodbye

My dad died more than a week ago. My brother and I traveled to Ohio so we could say goodbye one final time. My sister, bless her soul, arranged everything.

Michael J. Kelly III & Opal D. Kelly (Doyle)

My dad had a military send off with taps and the gun salute. His stone will be placed in a couple of months. Hopefully, his military marker will arrive then too.

As this Memorial Day draws to a close, I want to remember all who gave their lives for our country and my dad who retired from the USAF as a Master Sergeant after 20 years.

Ohio Servicemen who lost their lives while in the armed forces.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Meniere’s & Stuff

My head as been wonky. My ears are buzzing loudly and I’m surprised I can hear anything at all. My balance is worse than normal. My body aches, thanks fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I sometimes choke when eating. Through all this I enjoy my life.

Aviators Game

Yet I am still living my life. I am trying to do yoga or walk daily, some days I just can’t. I go to church, out to eat and schedule activities. Mop Baseball games, football games and birthday parties along with the occasional concert. I am trying to go to concerts while I can still hear.

Dwight Yoakum Concert

I use a cane when I need too. Sometimes I use my husband instead. This week and past week has been worse than normal. I refuse to lay in bed and skip the fun. I take naps before going on excursions. This is simply part of my routine. Rest before fun.

Cinco de Mayo dinner

My advice to everyone is to get out when you can. Rest on bad days. Don’t stop living life. Do whatever you need to do to accommodate your disability so that you can love your life despite chronic illness.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Balance Awareness


Many people take walking for granted. Those of us with vestibular issues cannot. I am lucky that I am able to do things within reason. I am not hiking on trails that don’t have rails at the Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon and places like that.

I tip when I walk. I cannot walk a straight line. There are days I use a cane for outings. I enjoy the scenery on our outings without putting myself at risk.

I rarely have days that I don’t experience some dizziness. Fortunately, the vertigo I have now is mini spins. I try to avoid triggers like flashing lights, noise, but living in Vegas it’s a bit difficult. So, instead I work on desensitization.

I can sit under a ceiling fan, unless it a really bad day and those days are few and far between. Sometimes moving cars give me a start, until I realize I’m not moving.

Between the balance, cicadas that constantly scream in my ears and hearing loss, it would be easy to stay in my house. I choose to enjoy my life, even if I fall in public. It has happened.

I rest on the bad days and live for the good ones. I live a life rebalanced. I hope you do too!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


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Feeling Better

After months of an upper respiratory/sinus infection, I am starting to feel better just in time for allergies to take over. Despite that I feel better.

My husband and dogs.

I have enough energy to exercise again. I have enough energy to clean a bit. Hopefully the better shape I get in the more my energy will come back.

Why do I feel better aside from having gotten over the infections? It turns out my vitamins B and D were low. Being back on a multivitamin and B-Complex has helped.

I began yoga again and walking on the days I don’t do yoga. Hopefully, soon I can fit in my smaller clothes. If not I’ll be good as long as I feel better.

My migraines are under control with the help of Emgality. The Meniere’s acts up and affects my balance. I still rest when we plan outings. It helps me to enjoy myself. And that is what’s important living life. Rest on the bad days and enjoy the good and so-so day.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita