I like a challenge. This November I’ve set myself up for two. The first I have been doing most November’s since 2009. NaNoWrimo. I win some and I don’t always accomplish my goal.

Every word you write is a word toward completing your novel.

Notice I didn’t say lose, because I don’t feel you lose if you are writing. Some people just write at different paces.

Is it possible to write 50,000 words in 30 days? Absolutely. It just doesn’t always work out. And that is okay. I am establishing writing habits. The trick is to keep them going after November.

My other challenge is a bit more philanthropic. I am raising money for The American Cancer Society by doing 50 squats a day in November. Here’s the link for Rita’s Squat Challenge. There’s a Facebook group and we will track our squats through messenger.

Hopefully I will raise money and have a book ready by the first of December.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Today we attended a funeral for old friends of Ralph’s parents. I never met them. We traveled to Boulder City to the Veterans Memorial, but first we met up with a friend we hadn’t seen for awhile.

Though I am still nervous about meeting people during covid times, especially when it’s on the rise, I wanted to see our friend. We both share depression and anxiety in common so it’s good for us to get together once in awhile.

After the funeral we stopped at A & W for that frosty mug taste. And then went to Hemenway Park in Boulder City to eat and hopefully see the big horn sheep. We were in luck… they were there!

That was our adventure for the day.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


It’s been a crazy week. Ralph and I voted on Monday. We were going to vote by mail, but decided to not take any chances.

I didn’t see any of the craziness here in Las Vegas that other cities have had across the country. I don’t get why we can’t all just get along. My husband and I are on two different sides of the political spectrum. We exercise our right to vote in a Democratic society.

The important thing is to get out there and vote. Vote anyway you can. We did early voting to avoid long lines and as a result we were out start to finish within a half hour. I am a slow voter.

My head gets fuzzy when I am doing things like this. I don’t know if it’s the brain fog or ADD… Maybe a combination of both? So I take my time and re-check my answers.

The first answer was the most important one. I got that one right!

Have you voted if you live in the US? Was it easy?

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Invisible Disabilities Week

Many of us live with invisible disabilities. People tend to dismiss it as not being real because they cannot see it. They are real. This is our week to educate others about having an invisible disability.

The Invisible Disabilities Organization is a good resource for ideas to educate others. They are having an event in November to share ideas.

How will you help educate others? I constantly talk about mine and other types of hidden disabilities. So speak out and don’t discount someone when they say they have a disability just because you can’t see it or because they don’t act like it.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


November is National Novel Writing Month. I am going to attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

It sounds crazy, but it’s not impossible. I have done it before. Writing a new novel is the process I love the most. I really hate the rewriting part, which is why my novels are published.

I know I need to get on that… and I could elect to do that during NANOWRIMO, but I probably won’t.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be doing some prep on my novel. Idea formation. Maybe an outline. I am a pantser so a outlines are difficult. Hopefully the book will start forming in my head, so I can do an outline.

Or if my YA Urban Fantasy decides it wants rewritten, I can work on it… DECISIONS… DECISIONS!!!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Rise Together

Saturday, October 17 10 am PDT – 2 PM PDT there is an event on Facebook hosted by You Will Rise, artcoz and Arttist Colony of Zanesville to raise money for a scholarship in memory of my friend Linda Regula. Like the Phoenix logo she created for her anti bullying campaign, You Will Rise, Linda rose from the ashes to thrive and to spread her beauty to others.

I am recorded a poem I wrote for this program. There is an auction going on now. You can also donate if you want.

Overlooking the Y Bridge Arts Festival.

I met Linda when I lived in Zanesville, Ohio. She was a member of the Y-City Writers. She was active in the artist community in Zanesville and started the Y Bridge Arts Festival. Saturday we Rise Together. I hope you will watch.

Her legacy lives on in everyone her life touched.

Here is a preview of the Saturday’s show.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


Certain odors trigger my allergies, while others trigger my migraine. Recently I have become more aware of what I wear may affect others too.

I don’t know why I never thought of it before. I guess it didn’t dawn on me that I could do something about it. I know others don’t seem to care if something they do affects me.

My biggest migraine trigger is marijuana smoke. Since it became legal here in Vegas, people seem to think it’s okay to smoke anywhere. It’s not okay! It’s not legal in public. And it gives me migraines.

It’s easier to walk away from an odor that triggers a sneezing fit for me, but once the migraine is triggered it’s there. My rescue med may or may not help. Sleep is the only thing that might give me some relief. I say might because I have had a migraine last for months.

So, though I love some scents, I only use them when I won’t be going out. And that is getting fewer and farther between because I am used to not putting any on now.

I have a diffuser necklace that I can put some essential oil onto that helps relax or energize me depending on my need. I think it helps with the scent I need without being overpowering. And it’s easy to remove if someone has an adverse reaction to it.

Do you have smells that trigger illness?

Love, Peace and Light! Rita


As I become older, (I am 56.) I want to empower women. I refuse to tear them down anymore. Even when I dislike them. I don’t denigrate them, I simply dislike them for reasons such as they are simply not nice people. I am sure there are people who feel that way about me.

I no longer give them labels. Unfortunately, all too often I see strong women given labels simply because they are strong. Men in the same position aren’t given these names. That burns me up.

As a woman I feel the need to lift other women up. To make them feel great about themselves. We are fabulous creatures. We can accomplish things our male counterparts cannot. We endure more pain than people realize. Yes, we are vulnerable, but that doesn’t make us weak. It makes us strong.

Look at all the warriors who follow this page, many are women. I know we have male warriors too, who support us as we support you. We overcome so many things to live! Even if it’s from our bedrooms viewing the world through our computers/devices. We push through daily.

We are strong and beautiful! We are warriors! Keep fighting. Hopefully one day we’ll have cures. In the meantime let’s build each other up. Every man reading this help the women in your life know how important and valuable they are… don’t allow anyone to tear them down! We are WARRIORS!

Show me your photos of your warrior self!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Witchy Feeling

A friend asked to borrow my witch hat. I asked, “Which one?” She was surprised that I have more than one.

These first two traveled with me from Ohio to Vegas. I wore them for Halloween and occasionally for book events and once for a Witches Tea fundraiser.

Ralph bought me this one recently. I was surprised. Now he seems to think I shouldn’t wear it. He’s nuts. I wore it today for my virtual book group that I hosted. Eh- I am a little crazy.

I did manage to get the point to stand up. I guess time was all that was necessary. 😁

While searching for my hats, I found my Beanie Babies. I always forget how many Halloween ones I have.

We’re not even passing out candy to the kids this year. We love all there costumes, even the big kids who sneak in. Alas, I am high risk so I won’t put myself or others either.

I can’t wait for All Hallows Eve. Maybe we’ll put on our costumes and go to dinner.

Love, Peace and Light!

The Grand Canyon Day Trip

Freight Train

Today I feel as if I’ve been hit by a freight train. It seemed simple enough to drive four hours to the Grand Canyon. Take the shuttle to each of the sites and drive back home. And we did just that!

The Grand Canyon is beautiful as always. I have fond memories of taking these shuttles when I was a Girl Scout camping here with my troop when I was a teenager. Then we stayed a week, I think.

Ironically the shuttle started at the trail that takes you down to the Colorado River. My troop hiked this, but we only went 3 miles down. That climb back up was a killer. This trip we avoided it.

This is the part of the Canyon I remember from that trip as a Scout.

Hopping on and off the shuttle became progressively more difficult for me. That step up and down seemed higher each time. My legs seemed heavier the longer I was on them.

I was so exhausted that I stopped taking photos. I figured that Ralph and Colleen we’re taking plenty of memories.

We stopped for one final photograph before leaving the park. I look tired. I closed all my rings on my iWatch at this point.

Oh during the ride, I read Battleground by Jim Butcher. I reached the halfway point as we stopped at a rest stop. I started balling my eyes out. That is all I am going to say in terms of spoilers about this book.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita